Below are the list of Forms and Documents available for download for various Departmental uses :-

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  1. Forms of ACR of Auditors and Assistant Auditors. 
  2. Forms of ACR of Assistants.
  3. Forms of ACR of Group 'B' Gazetted.
  4. Forms of ACR of Pvt. Secretary, Senior Personal Asst.,Stenographer Grade 'C' of CSSS.
  5. Forms of Perfomance Report of Group 'D' employees including Handleman, Constable, Camp Followers etc...
  6. Forms of ACR of Inspector of Staistics, Sub-Inspector of Statistics and Field Assistants etc.
  7. Forms of ACR of Senior Investigator Research Asst.,Research Investigator, Junior Investigator etc.
  8. Forms of ACR of Architechtural Draftsman, Draftsman Gr-I / Gr-II / Gr-III under P.W.D.
  9. Forms of ACR of U.D.C and L.D.C.
  10. Form 3 rule 54(2)
  11. Form details of family 2(8)
  12. G.I.S. 14 Form.
  13. G.P.F. Advance.
  14. G.P.F. Nomination Form.
  15. Application for Leave and Extension of Leave.
  16. Form for Performance Appraisal Report Form - I
  17. Application for withdrawal for G.P.F.
  18. Application Form for Compensation (Wildlife)
  19. Application Form for Private Tree Plantation registration
  20. Application Form for permission to Fell Trees/Tree Plantation in Non-Forest Area
  21. R T I Application Form
  22. Saw Mill and Woodbased Industries application form