Green India Mission (GIM) is one of the eight Missions under National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC). NAPCC recognizes climate change phenomena will seriously affect and alter distribution, type and quality of natural biological resources and associated livelihood of the people. GIM acknowledges the influences that the forestry sector has environmental amelioration through climate mitigation, food security, water security, biodiversity conservation and livelihood security of forest dependent communities.

Objectives at National Level

  • Increase forest/tree cover on 5million hectare of forest/non-forest lands and improved quality of forest cover on another 5m ha (total 10m ha)
  • Improved ecosystem services including biodiversity, hydrological services and carbon sequestration as a result of treatment of 10m ha
  • Increased forest based livelihood income of about 3m households living in and around the forests
  • Enhanced annual CO2 sequestration by 50-60m tonnes in the year 2020

Perspective Plan during 2015-16 to 2024-25 for the state of Mizoram:

During the plan period the project will cover 48753 ha by enhancing the productivity of degraded forests, jhumlands and also improving the quality of degraded forest cover. Improvement of urban and peri urbans through promotions of farm forestry, agro forestry, urban forestry, highway/roadside plantation, etc. Improvement of ecosystem service including biodiversity, watershed and hydrological services and carbon sequestration, microplanning and implementation would be done by Village Forest Development Agencies (VFDCs).

For implementation of GIM at Mizoram the whole state is considered as one landscape and will be undertaken in 8 (eight) L2 (Range level in 5 Forest Divisions) landscapes and 51(fifty one) L3 (village) landscapes.

Detailed Perspective Plan is downloadable at

Activities so far:

Actual implementation of the project starts from 2016-17 by executing advance works. Details may be seen and downloadable at