23o32’42”- 23 o 41’36” North Latitude and 92o13’12”- 9227’27” East longitude.


200 m. -1200 m above MSL


500 Sq. Km (core) & 488 Sq.Km (buffer)

No of fringe villages

W. Phaileng, Teirei, Damparengpui, Tuipuibari, Lallen, Saithah, Serhmun, Phuldungsei, Pukzing, Khawhnai, W. Phulpui and Silsuri

Officer Incharge

Field Director , Range Officers.

Distance from Aizawl

127 Kms.


2000 – 2500 mm/year.

Best season to visit

October – April

Important wild animals

Tiger (Sakei), Elephant (Sai), Gaur (Indian bison), Leopard (Keite), Jungle Cat (Ngharbawr), Wild dog (Chinghnia), Binturong (Zamphu), Serow (Saza), Wild boar (Sanghal), Bear, Malayan sun bear (Samang), Assamese macaque (Kham zawng), Stump-tailed macaque (Zawng mawt/Zawng hmaisen), Leaf monkey (Dawr), Hoolock bibbon (Hauhuk etc.

Important Birds

Great Indian Hornbill (Vapual), Wreathed Hornbill (Kawlhawk), Pied hornbill (Vahai), Imperial pheasant (Bullut), Bhutan peacock pheasant (Varihaw), Khaleej pheasant (Vahrit), Red jungle fowl (Ramar), Red headed-trogon (Varalthi) etc.

Amphibians and reptiles

Amphibians (Uchang) – 20 species, reptiles (rul leh tangkawng lam) – 43 species and out of 43 species identified 16 species are lizards (laiking lam chi) respectively.

For Dampa Tiger Reserve video, please click here