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              In pursuance of Guidelines on State Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority circulated by the Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India vide No.5-1/2009-FC dt. 21.7.2009, an authority known as the Mizoram State Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management  and Planning Authority (State CAMPA) has been constituted by the State Government Vide Notification No B.11021/9/09-FST dt.26.8.2009. Governing Body, Steering Committee and Executive Committee have been constituted to ensure effective implementation of policy and programme. Composition of the Steering Committee and Executive Committee were amended by the State Government vide notification No.B.11021/9/09-FST/359 Dt. 1.10.2014 and No.B.11021/9/09-FST/360 Dt. 1.10.2014 respectively. The composition of the committees is as under:-


The Governing Body of State CAMPA consists of:

1. Chief Minister                                            -           Chairperson

2. Minister of Forests                                    -             Member

3. Minister of Finance                                    -            Member

4. Minister of Planning                                  -            Member

5. Chief Secretary                                         -            Member

6. Principal Secretary (Finance)                      -           Member

7. Principal Secretary (Planning)                   -             Member

8. Principal Chief Conservator of Forests        -             Member

9. Chief Wildlife Warden                                 -           Member

10. Secretary(Forest)                                    -            Member Secretary


The role of Governing Body is to lay down the broad policy framework for the functioning of the State CAMPA and review its working from time to time.

The Steering Committee of State CAMPA consists of:

1. Chief Secretary                                                          -           Chairperson

2. Principal Chief Conservator of Forests                         -           Member

3. Principal Secretary (Environment & Forests)               -           Member

4. Principal Secretary (Finance)                                      -           Member

5. Principal Secretary (Planning)                                    -            Member

6. Addl. Principal Chief Conservator of

Forests (Central) Ministry of Environment,

Forests & Climate Change                                 -           Member                    

7. Chief Wildlife Warden                                                 -           Member

8. President, Central YMA, Mizoram

(for a period 2 years)                                        -           Member

9. President, MHIP General Headquarter,

Aizawl (for a period of 2 years)                           -           Member

10. Chief Conservator of Forests

(Planning & Development)                                -            Member Secretary


The roles of the Steering Committee are -  


1. lay down and/or approve rules and procedures for the functioning of the body and its Executive Committee,    subject to the  overarching objectives and core principles of State CAMPA.

2. monitor the progress of the utilization of funds released by the State CAMPA

3. approve the Annual Plan of Operation (APO) prepared by the Executive Committee.

4. approve the Annual reports and audited accounts of the State CAMPA

5. ensure inter-departmental coordination.

6. meet at least once in six months.


            The Executive Committee  consists of:


1. Principal Chief Conservator of Forests                                 -           Chairperson

2. Chief Wildlife Warden                                                        -           Member

3. Dy. Director (Accounts) in the Office of

    the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests                           -           Member

4. Co-ordinator, Centre for Environment

Protection, Mizoram (for a period of 2 years)             -           Member

5. President, Association for Environmental

Preservation (ASEP), Mizoram (for a period

of 2 years)                                                               -           Member

6. Addl.Principal Chief Conservator of Forests
            & Nodal Officer, CAMPA                                              -           Member Secretary

The roles of the State Level Executive Committee are -

1. take all steps for giving effect to the State CAMPA and overarching objectives and core principles, in accordance with     rules and procedures approved by the Steering Committee and approved APO.

2. prepare the APO of the State for various activities, submit it to the Steering Committee before end of December for      each financial year; and obtain the Steering Committee’s concurrence for release of funds, while giving break-up of      the proposed activities and estimated cost;

3. supervise the works being implemented in the State out of the funds released from the State CAMPA;

4. be responsible for proper auditing of both receipt and expenditure of funds;

5. develop the code for maintenance of the account at the implementing agency level;

6. submit reports to the Steering Committee for review/consideration; and

7. prepare Annual Report before 30th June for each financial year