The e-Green Watch is a web-based and user friendly application that is transparent, reliable and accountable. It is an integrated e-governance portal that enables the temporal change detection for the effective online monitoring and evaluation of works in forestry sector undertaken by State CAMPA.

e-Green Watch

Since the primary function of CAMPA is the regeneration of vegetation cover and promoting afforestation as a way of compensating for forest land which is diverted to non-forest uses.


Since the primary function of CAMPA is the regeneration of vegetation cover and promoting afforestation as a way of compensating for forest land which is diverted to non-forest uses.

It, therefore, calls for an information system so as to collect and present information to monitor and track how well CAMPA funds are achieving this end. In view of the above background, e-Green Watch is being developed as an integrated & online system that will be completely transparent, reliable and accountable.

It will also present the data in real time and shall be accessible to all stakeholders and public at large. It will allow for monitoring, evaluation, social and ecological audits by independent organizations researchers and the public.


Scope of the project e-Green Watch extensively relates to online monitoring of various afforestation works being carried out using CAMPA funds.

It involves design and development of a web-based, role-based workflow applications and integrated information system which shall enable automating various functions and activities related to monitoring and transparency in the use of CAMPA funds and various works sanctioned in the Annual Plan of Operations (State CAMPA) approved by the State Authorities.

It shall also facilitate the optimal use of available ICT technologies for the institutionalization of monitoring mechanism to monitor and evaluate projects being undertaken by the State CAMPA.


Other features of the proposed system are as under :
** Leverage ICT to provide a platform with a framework, for gathering, aggregating and serving data and provide a mean for monitoring project delivery and outcomes

** It shall facilitate an information Portal for CAMPA to provide one-stop information resource for all the activities undertaken under CAMPA and facilitate a single sign-up facility for all future application that may be integrated with the proposed portal.

** It shall be used by all SFDs and their field offices that are involved in CAMPA-related activities/works.
** All the work sites have to be geo-mapped for facilitating change-detection using the satellite imagery data.

General Description :
The proposed system ‘e-Green Watch’ is aimed to facilitate the automation of the various processes involved in monitoring & evaluation of various projects being undertaken by the State CAMPA.

It shall empower all administrators to monitor the progress made under various projects that are being carried out using the CAMPA funds.

The e-Green Watch shall be a web-based, user friendly system and developed with a view to facilitate the following :
** Implementation of work-flow for various tasks involving the CAMPA Funds.

** Automation of the routine processes.
** Collection of the data (based on defined parameters) from the authenticated user and store in a database.

** Bring in efficiency and transparency in operations by suitably harnessing IT enabled operations.
** Generation of Web based reports for monitoing and evaluation.

** Ease in preparation and compilation of voluminous reports.
** Systematic maintenance of data leading to consistency, quality, reliability and transparency in the functioning.

** Reduction in the time and effort spent in error prone manual system, redundant efforts at various levels.
** Timely availability of accurate & reliable data.

The system use the data of all FCA cleared projects for analysis and monitoring. The system shall be capable of showing the work progress on the satellite imagery, google earth.

It shall also facilitate the change detection for proper monitoring and evaluation. The system will also introduce the transparency in operations by disseminating the information to common citizen through Internet.

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