1.      The tenderer should deposit Earnest Money of Rs.3,000/- in case of Non-Tribal and Rs.1,500/- in case of Tribal bidders in the form of ‘Deposit at Call’ duly pledged in favour of Principal Chief Conservator of Forest, Mizoram in the State Bank of India  or any Government recognized Bank.

2.      The prospective purchasers are advised to inspect the vehicle(s) at the location(s) indicated against the vehicle in the above table and quote the maximum amount/outright price they are prepared to pay for the same on ‘ as is where is’ basis.

3.      The tender should be submitted in the prescribed form which can be obtained from this office on any working day and must be accompanied by the requisite Earnest Money Deposit in the form of ‘Deposit at Call’ as indicated above.

4.      The tenders should be submitted in sealed envelope addressed to the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Mizoram, Aizawl which must be superscribed as tender for purchase of condemned motor vehicles indicating the registration number and type of the vehicle tendered for.

5.      The Tender should be submitted separately for each along with complete documents mentioned in these clauses.

6.      The tenderer should quote his/her bid amount/out right price both in figures and in words. Any correction/over-writing/cutting must be initialed by him/her with date without which the tender will be liable to rejection.

7.      The envelopes containing tenders should be put into the tender box kept in this office for the purpose. The tender should be submitted during office hours on or before 23.07.2015 upto 1300 hrs. The tender box shall be sealed immediately thereafter and the tenders received shall be opened on the same day after 13:00 hrs in presence of the tenderers or their representatives who may like to witness the opening of the tenders.

8.      No complaint will be entertained if the tenderer or his representative is not present at the time of the opening of the tenders.

9.     The successful tenderer shall have to deposit full amount of the bid money within 5 days from the date of issuance of acceptance of his/her tender, failing which it will be treated as cancelled.

10.   The successful bidder shall have to remove the vehicle after making full payment of the settlement amount (sale price) and remove the vehicle within 10 days after the issuance of release order failing which he/she will be required to pay an additional garage rent at the rate of Rs 50/- per day.

11.   The undersigned reserves the right to reject all or any tender without assigning any reasons. Tenders not accompanied by requisite Earnest Money shall be summarily rejected.

12.   If the Quotationer withdraw after opening of the Tender, He/She forfeit the earnest money already deposited and will credit into Government account.