1. Appointment of District Council CF, LADC as Member Secy of District Level Committee on Fire Prevention Lawngtlai Dist,Mizoram instead of DCF(Wildlife),Lawngtlai

2. Appointment of District Council CF,LADC as Member Secy of District Level Committee on Green Mizoram for Lawngtlai District

3. Constitution of Committee for Land Bank identification for land and speedy disposal of FC proposals under FC Act 1980

4. Constitution of State Level Committee for compliance of Municipal Solid Waste Management Rules,2016

5. Constitution of State Wetlands Authority for Mizoram

6. Corrigendum regarding appointment of Ex-officio members for the State Wetlands Authority for Mizoram.

7. Designation of Deputy Inspector General of Police(CID) as Member Secretary of State Level Wildlife Crime Control Unit 

8. Establishment of Special State Fund known as 'State Compensatory Afforestation Fund of Mizoram'

9. Guidelines for registration,felling and transit of Bamboo from Non-Forest Private Lands in Mizoram

10. Handbook of Forest(Conservation) Act, 1980, Forest Conservation Rules,2003 and Guidelines published by GoI, Ministry of E&F

11. Inclusion of PCCF, Mizoram as member of State Level Executive Committee on Bamboo

12. Reconstitution of Mizoram Bio-diversity Board for Biological Diversity Act 2002(No 18 of 2003)

13. The Chite Lui (Prevention and Control of Water Pollution) Rules, 2019

14. The Mizoram Prevention and Control of Water Pollution (Procedure for Immersion of Idol) Rule, 2019

15. The Mizoram Rewards for Detection of Forest and Wildlife Offence Scheme,2019

16. The Mizoram Wood Based Industries (Establishment & Regulation) (Amendment) Rules, 2019