1. What is the Vision of the Department ?

  To achieve well-stocked high-quality forests with rich bio-diversity for maintaining ecological balance and ensuring environmental stability while meeting the forest-based needs of the local people.

2. What is the Mission of the Department ?

 To increase the area under forest cover and enhance the quality of existing forests thereby creating healthy environment for the people through the

(1) application of the principles of sustainable management,

(2) adoption of effective silvicultural practices, and 

(3) involvement of the local people actively in our efforts of planning, implementation, and monitoring of schemes for conservation of the forests and the wildlife.

3. What are the various duties and responsibilities?


1. Protection and enhancement of the existing forest cover as well as restoration of the degraded eco-systems.

2. Preparation of Working Plans as per the National Working Plan Code for facilitating scientific management of the forests in Mizoram.

3. Preservation of existing Wildlife by creating and supporting healthy habitats for their sustenance through the implementation of approved Management/ Master Plans.

4. Implementation of various schemes (under State Plan as well as centrally sponsored) for afforestation and protection of forests such as “Green Mizoram Program”, “National Afforestation Program”, “Intensification of Forest Management”, “13th Finance Commission Grants”, “Green India Mission” etc.

5. Enhancing socio-economic status of the local people by promoting increased regeneration/cultivation and scientific harvesting of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) such as bamboo, broomgrass, cane etc.

6. Inviting active participation of the local people in the management of forest resources by strengthening the Joint Forest Management Committees (JFMCs) and the Village Forest Development Committees (VFDCs).

7. Substantially, arranging the forest-based needs of the local people like timber through departmental timber operation i.e. by extracting timber on sustained yield basis, their transportation, and disposal at various Government Timber Depots.

8. Promoting the scientific management of private forests / plantations by providing technical inputs whenever required.

9. Providing casual/seasonal employment to the local people while implementing various schemes.

10. Addressing key concerns related to climate change through effective adaptation and mitigation efforts.

4. Who are the Stakeholders in the activities undertaken by the Department?


 1. The Indian citizens living in Mizoram including the indigenous people.

 2. The State Government 

 3. The Government of India

 4. The forest officials working in the State

 5. Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)

 6. Private tree/ bamboo growers

5. Whom to inform, whether any information relating to smuggling and illegal storage of forest produce is noticed by the public?

You may inform the territorial DFO Aizawl, Champhai, Kolasib, Darlawn, Kawrthah, Mamit, Thenzawl, Lunglei, Tlabung, North Vanlaiphai under whose jurisdiction such illegality is noticed.

6. Where can i get seedlings for planting in my house/institute/field bunds?

You may contact/approach your nearest Range Officer or DFO concerned for obtaining seedlings from the Forest Nurseries.

7. Can i get the seedlings free of cost or there is a price fixed for seedlings of important species like Teak, Bamboo etc. ?

Environment, Forests & Climate Change Department does not supply seedlings free of costs to individuals. You may get seedlings from Forest Nurseries on payment of nominal charge of Rs 5/- for one year old seedling and Rs 10/- for one years old seedling.

8. Who should I contact in case of any grievances?

 Pu PC Laltanpuia

 Deputy Conservator of Forests (Hqrs)

 Environment & Forest Department

 Aizawl, Mizoram.

 Phone No: (0389) 3217775