Acronyms for Year : 2021-2022





ANR-Aided Natural Regeneration

It is an afforestation scheme involving enrichment planting of seedling under growth or open/gap areas to assist natural regeneration of forests.


AR-Artificial Regenaration

It is an afforestation scheme involving clearance of degraded forest / wasteland and planting of seedlings thereon for regeneration of forest.


EDC- Eco Development Committee

A village level committee comprising locals and Forest department field staffs for better management of forest and wildlife.



As per State of Forest Report,2011 of Forest Survey of India, Mizoram has 61.18% of open forests. A large extent of open forests, particularly in the hilly terrain, can have devastating impact on the normal structure and the delicate interdependencies of diverse flora and fauna in the forest eco-system. The situation is likely to be further aggravated by the prevalence of shifting cultivation in the State. These two critical issues - the ‘openness in forest canopy’ and the ‘practice of shifting cultivation’ - call for an urgent need to suitably formulate and effectively implement results-oriented forest conservation strategies. Realizing the need for enforcing effective forest management practices, the Department of Environment and Forests in the State has set an inspiring vision to “achieve well-stocked high-quality forests with rich bio-diversity for maintaining ecological balance and ensuring environmental stability while meeting the forest-based needs of the local people”.


GIS-Geographic Information System

A geographic information system (GIS) is a computer system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographical data.



GPS stands for Global Positioning System.It is a satellite navigation system used to determine ground position and velocity (location, speed, and direction)


JFM-Joint Forest Mangement

A Centrally Sponsored programme for management of forest with active participation of local people.



NAP stands for National Afforestation Programme. It is a centrally sponsored programme for afforestation executed under the umbrella of JFM's principle.



NLUP stands for New Land Use Policy.It is a flagship programme of the current Ministry of Mizoram,whereby each beneficiary will receive financial assistance of Rs 1 lakh for establishment of settled,sustainable and permanent occupation under different trade options under various line departments


NTFP-Non Timber Forest Produce

All kinds of forest produces other than timber such as bamboo,cane,broom grass,thatch grass,medicinal plants,aromatic plants,honey,etc


VFDC- Village Forest Development Committee

A village level committee comprising locals and Forest department staffs constituted under Joint Forest Management(JFM) programme for better and meaningful involvement of the local people in forest management.


Working Plan

A written document for proper management of forest and wildlife for a particular forest division for a certain period of time, normally 10 years.